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Decoding Distributed Work

Notes from the road: Strengthening partnerships and connecting with talent in Kenya and Egypt

In September 2023, Jeremy Johnson, Jerry Robinson and Tony Capasso travelled to Kenya and Egypt to connect with some of Andela's diverse clients and talent, to hear first-hand insights into the current state of remote work in Africa, and to update our thinking on what’s possible in the coming years.

3 common challenges to outsourcing talent, solved

Here, we discuss and offer solutions for the 3 most common challenges to outsourcing talent, according to IT decision makers.

6 Perks of expanding your talent pool to remote, global workers

Remote work is the future of work. Tap into global, remote talent and start your journey to a geographically distributed team.

Best practices for conducting talent reviews for remote, global teams

How do you adapt standard business practices, like performance reviews, to a remote-first environment? Here are our best practices.

The 6 most in-demand tech skills are also the hardest to find

With technology advancing faster than ever before, tech skills are always in demand. These are the top six right now: Core engineering, Cloud API, database expertise, data analytics, communications, and Devops methodology

5 steps to building a successful global team

Distributed, global teams allow for more diverse talent, specialized knowledge and tech skills. We walk you through five steps to build a global team of tech talent.

Welcome aboard the new normal: 5 useful steps to an effective remote onboarding process

In this latest Writer's Room blog, Andela Community member Wasif Khan explores how organizations can embrace distributed work by providing new remote employees with new and improved onboarding processes.

Everything you need to know about a remote-first culture

Remote work is a critical component of modern organizations. Build a remote-first culture to lead a high-performing, high-engagement workforce.

5 Easy and Fun Ways to Stay Connected When Working Remotely

Keeping in touch is vital for companies, but remote teams must be creative to make it work. Here are some fun ways to stay connected when working remotely.

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