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What GPT-4o and Gemini releases mean for AI

The latest generative AI models from OpenAI (GPT-4) and Google (Gemini 1.5 Pro, Veo, etc.) promise improved capabilities, lower costs, and transformative applications across various industries by integrating advanced AI technologies into business operations.

How to Build a RAG-Powered LLM Chat App with ChromaDB and Python

Harness the power of retrieval augmented generation (RAG) and large language models (LLMs) to create a generative AI app. Andela community member Oladimeji Sowole explains how.

What AIs work best together and how

Unlock the synergy of GenAI systems with our infographic guide on which AIs complement each other, their applications, and what combinations to avoid.

AI Tools & managed IT Services for business success

Discover the transformative power of AI tools and managed IT services. Drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition with Andela.

Managed AI services: Reaping the benefits without losing control

Discover how managed AI services can help you get the most out of AI while retaining control over implementation. Strategically scale AI with Andela.

Enterprise cloud migration: Tackling complexity and skills shortage

Cloud migration can be a big task. Organizations need clearly defined goals, the right team in place, and a roadmap for success to avoid cost overruns.

Top 3 digital transformation projects of 2023

Andela’s worked with hundreds of companies on digital transformation projects – including AI and machine learning. Discover the key characteristics of the top digital transformation examples from 2023.

Designing with emotional intelligence: How to ensure successful collaboration with stakeholders

Emotional intelligence is a crucial soft skill for technology professionals, particularly when working with stakeholders. Andela community member Eseleose Ughulu explains how you can utilize your soft skills to ensure success in design and beyond.

Top takeaways from Gartner IT Symposium

Read our top takeaways and recommendations from Gartner IT Symposum Orlando and Barcelona.

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