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Frequently asked questions

Is health insurance available worldwide?

Our partners offer coverage in many countries around the world. Amenli provides coverage to Andelans in Egypt, while Axa Mansard offers coverage to Andelans in Nigeria. If you are located outside of these areas, we recommend SafetyWing, which has coverage available in over 175 countries. You can find SafetyWing’s full list of covered countries on their website.

Am I responsible for covering the premium?

Yes, you are responsible for covering the premium payment. Andela is actively searching for reliable and cost-effective insurance providers in each country where we have Andelans like you. We are striving to find providers that offer the best coverage at the most favorable terms, including zero-cost financing options. However, it’s important to note that the relationship between you and the insurance provider is ultimately your responsibility.

Can I buy coverage for my family members?

Depending on your location and insurance provider, you may have the option to include coverage for your dependents either during the initial sign-up process or by speaking with one of our partner’s sales agents. Currently, all of our partners offer a variation of this service.

Upskill with Andela EdTech

Access exclusive discounts from trusted learning platforms to help you sharpen your skills and land your dream role. 

We partner with online MBA programs, English classes, coding boot camps, and more, ensuring high-quality education and competitive pricing wherever you are in the world.


Educative offers high-quality interactive programming courses, with specialized coding environments to make learning easy and efficient.

Nexford University

Earn an American MBA from Nexford University designed for experienced professionals, in subjects ranging from Cybersecurity to AI.


Improve your English skills with ELSA Speak, an online AI “coach” that allows you to master the English Language like a native speaker.

Andela Learning Community

We support the next generation of technologists with in-demand, online programs from industry leaders, including Meta, Google and Microsoft.


We’ll provide you with training to upskill in advanced technologies so you can land your perfect role.


Gain insights from expert guests, who’ll take you behind the scenes at their top global companies.


Access peer-to-peer support and guidance from Andela experts and community members, 24/7.

Our learning programs


Powered by Andela, the Codewars online coding community features over 4 million technologists. Learn programming languages and embrace coding mastery.

Google Africa Developer Scholarship (GADS)

Google and Andela have partnered to provide carefully curated training and access to a pan-African network who will guide you on the learning journey.

Andela Technical Leadership Program (ATLP)

Rwandese technologists can become world-class engineers with this nine-month program in partnership with the Rwanda Ministry of ICT and Innovation.

Andela Skills Race:

Powered by AWS

This 4-week online AWS training for developers  covers essential topics including cloud infrastructure, security, and deployment.

Meta React Learning Program

This 7-week course sponsored by Meta, offers beginners an educational path designed to help you increase you knowledge and skills in React.

Andela Open Source Program

Build your resume while deepening your technical competencies. Solve challenges and receive one-on-one feedback from experienced developers.

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