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Own your career through impactful, remote roles. Be at the forefront of innovation, solve global tech challenges and build the future of work with leading global companies.

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Leave the commute behind — find roles matched to your time zone, enabling a healthy, flexible work-life balance. Andela is committed to your growth, breaking down borders, and providing access to a global community.

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Boost your career with essential tools for success. Gain exclusive access to learning opportunities, upskill, advance in your professional journey, and network with global tech experts to develop your expertise.

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of Andela Talent
increased their income

Burhanuddin Sunelwala

Mobile Engineer, UEA

“Andela is a tight-knit community of technologists who are motivated to grow their careers.”

Olubunmi Fabiyi

QA Engineer, Nigeria

“I’m proud to work with brilliant people whose enthusiasm, coordination, and teamwork have helped me improve my skills.”

Urmi Kataria

Front-End Engineer, Canada

“I didn’t choose the typical education path, yet Andela supported me in landing a job that met my educational and work experience.”

Lehru Angela Jamimah

Front-End Engineer, Uganda

“Working remotely as an Andelan has allowed me to work on my schedule and improved my productivity at work.”

Maria Maguie Velasco

Back-End Engineer, El Salvador

“At Andela, you don't feel like you’re just remote; you feel that you’re part of a team.”

Koffi Kelvin

QA Engineer, Kenya

“There’s no tech challenge I couldn’t find a solution to just from being in the Andela community.”

Jafar Zubair

Product Manager, Nigeria

“Andela is a community of top-notch professionals that make a difference in the tech world.”

Meet like-minded technologists

As a member of the Andela Talent Marketplace, you’ll have access to a vibrant community of like-minded tech experts from across the world. Expand your reach and hone your skills as you build meaningful connections.

Showcase your talent

Complete a three-step, performance-based assessment process that uses real-world work simulations to help you demonstrate your skills.

Intelligent matching

Remove the hassle from job searching. Our expert matchers and AI-driven platform connect you directly with top employers.

Unlock your potential

Work on projects you’re proud of. Once you land your perfect role, we’ll support you by helping you build skills and achieve your goals.

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Why Andela?

Andela connects brilliant tech experts across the world to opportunities at global, innovative organizations. With a 96% match success rate, we take the stress out of job hunting, matching developers, engineers, product managers and other technologists to senior, remote roles, with competitive compensation. We’ll act as your trusted career partner, offering guidance, secure salary payments, learning opportunities, and access to a global community of like-minded technologists. With Andela you can find flexible, remote roles that offer something truly important – the joy of a healthy work-life balance!

Who can join Andela?

Andela primarily works with mid to senior-level software engineers and tech industry professionals. If you have a strong background in software development, are eager to learn and grow, and want to work with global tech companies, you're likely a good fit for Andela. We have a rigorous selection process to ensure only the top talent joins our network.

How does Andela’s selection process work?

Andela Qualify is the only performance-based, developer-loved assessment platform that uses real-world work simulations to predict on-the-job performance. Our proprietary evaluation system excels in assessing fit across technical abilities and incorporates measurement across soft skills, culture/personality, interest, timeline, rate, seniority, and time zone/locale.

The selection process includes a skill assessment, technical tests, and interviews. It may be rigorous, but it's also fair—we want to ensure that all our technologists can deliver exceptional results.

Once in the Andela network, you’ll use our portal to explore job openings, manage the full application cycle—from interview to hire—provide feedback, and access pay and time management tools.