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Upskill / Reskill

Closing the skills gap: My quest to master user research

The ability to upskill and reskill is essential for any technologist. In this Writer's Room blog, Andela community member Eseleose Ughulu reveals how conquering her skills gap in user research transformed her career.

How Andela's all-female learning program in Lagos is still transforming careers ten years on

In 2014, we launched an all-female cohort in Lagos, Nigeria, to train women in software engineering and development. We spoke to three of the trailblazing women from cohort 4 to find out how the program still inspires their technology careers 10 years later.

Writer's Room: 5 tips for technical writing

Are you a technologist craving to share your work with the world? Then turn your technical project into a blog with our 5 top tips for technical writing.

The million-dollar challenge: 5 soft skills for virtual meeting success!

As a remote worker, it takes skill and expertise to successfully navigate online collaboration. In this Writer's Room blog, Andela community member Chesvic Hillary details the 5 key soft skills he applies in virtual meetings, and how they helped his team to win a million dollar contract.

Advance your career in: AI

Advancing your career in AI can reap significant benefits — but keeping up with the AI industry requires effort in terms of training and upskilling! Read our top three tips for accelerating your career in AI.

Advance your career in: Data and Analytics

According to a 2020 global McKinsey survey, business leaders cited data analytics as the business area with the greatest need to address skills gaps, so there’s never been a better time to jump into a career in data and analytics. Find out how!

Achieving true randomness in cybersecurity

In this Writer's Room blog, Andela community member and engineer Oyeniyi Adeboye explores the vital role of randomness in cybersecurity and the techniques used to achieve it.

Android ML face detection with Camera X

In this Writer's Room tutorial, Andela Community member Stephen Henry explains how to integrate ML face detection into an Android app using CameraX.

Advance your career in: Application Engineering

Serving as a bridge between the engineering and business sides of an organization, application engineers are highly sought after - and by upskilling in this field, you can set yourself up for an incredibly impactful and lucrative career.

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