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Emerging cybersecurity threats in 2024: What to watch out for

In this Writer's Room blog, Andela community member Wasif Khan predicts the cybersecurity threats that organizations need to look out for in 2024 to stay one step ahead!

Achieving true randomness in cybersecurity

In this Writer's Room blog, Andela community member and engineer Oyeniyi Adeboye explores the vital roleof randomness in cybersecurity and the techniques used to achieve it.

Android ML face detection with Camera X

In this Writer's Room tutorial, Andela Community member Stephen Henry explains how to integrate ML face detection into an Android app using CameraX.

Advance your career in: Application Engineering

Serving as a bridge between the engineering and business sides of an organization, application engineers are highly sought after - and by upskilling in this field, you can set yourself up for an incredibly impactful and lucrative career.

Navigating the maze: Avoiding common pitfalls when incorporating generative AI in testing

In this Writer's Room blog, Andela community member Manish Saini explores the pitfalls of incorporating generative AI in testing, and provide insights into how you can ensure a successful integration that enhances your testing practices.

Notes from the road: Strengthening partnerships and connecting with talent in Kenya and Egypt

In September 2023, Jeremy Johnson, Jerry Robinson and Tony Capasso travelled to Kenya and Egypt to connect with some of Andela's diverse clients and talent, to hear first-hand insights into the current state of remote work in Africa, and to update our thinking on what’s possible in the coming years.

The 6 in-demand skills technologists need to succeed

As a technologist, reskilling is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in today’s job market. We've broken down the 6 essential skills that technologists need to succeed!

Accelerate your career with Andela Talent Cloud

Andela Talent Cloud is the industry’s only unified, end-to-end marketplace for you to grow your technology career. ‍It enables you to own your career path, with AI-powered matching, a community of experts, assessments to showcase your skills, and premium opportunities.

Enhancing Digital Products with AI: A Journey Through the UX Process

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital products, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer. AI-powered features not only enrich user experiences but also drive efficiency, personalization, and innovation. However, the successful implementation of AI in digital products requires careful consideration and a user-centric approach.

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